Asset Owners 


Problem Solving 

The designer said it will work, the installers said it is right, but it still doesn't work 

We get problems sorted, we don't like working with assumptions; we go to site, take real measurements, evaluate the information and provide a solution. 

Practical Design Reviews 

We didn't look at it in that much detail, and we assumed it shouldn't need  servicing that often

Services coordination is becoming frequently overlooked in project planning, in these cases you end up with troublesome construction and a troubled asset to operate. With our knowledge and experience we can normally spot multiple clashes/ issues. These issues can be inexpensively rectified at design stage and have a ten fold effect on both the construction costs and the life cycle operational cost. 

Project Management 

We tend to just go with what the contractor suggest for the mechanical & electrical design

Having an intimate understating of what your managing, combined with the ability to communicate on all levels to the different parties, is critical to both general and M&E project management . These core skills are essential to achieve an on time, on budget project, with healthy relationships at the end.  


Just because its a green light doesn't mean its working right

Commissioning is one of the most overlooked aspects of a project. As an asset owner this is the chance to ensure your getting what you paid for, it acts how it was designed and its going to be a good reliable asset. All to often the bare minimum is accepted at this phase and is not accurately documented or controlled. By using a independant third party, you can assure genuine report and results. Having personnel who understand what they are looking for is critcal. Anyone can tick a box, but not everyone can tell just from a sound that something is not right, or that a small change could increase the performance and reliability.


Its just a little project and we have been meaning to do it for years 

When you have multiple assets there is always lots of things going on. When it comes to mechanical and electrical upgrades or overhauls the costs can easily escalate, without a clear scope and sound engineering. We specialise in turnkey projects to suit the clients cost and quality requirements. We have the ability to engage other civil and structural engineers as required to bring the whole package together.