Construction/Services Management 

We normally just go with the sub-contractors suggestions

Effective management of trade interfaces is one of the most easily overlooked aspects of large scale project. Typically the value is not a huge percentage of the overhaul job cost, but is often one of the the main sources of variations, frustration and time extensions. Traditionally most M&E work is towards the end of the project and adopts a fire fighting management. In most cases mechanical and electrical subcontractors know how to do the job, however are sometimes under resourced to manage it appropriately, or are not prepared to look at the other disciplines work fronts to ensure synergy. With our help and a non full time overhead to the project we can help plan, prepare and execute works. Evaluate variations and try to stop them from happening in the first place and ensure they are fair and reasonable for all parties.   

Tendering & Procurement 

We just went with the cheapest price

The devil is in the detail, when tendering or procuring mechanical and electrical services or equipment. There are huge cost saving to be made from understanding what It is that you are tendering, rather than just passing on the drawings. To be able to have technical discussions and define the scope/fill the gaps removes the classic incidental "risk $" and creates a healthy relationship from the start. We have the ability to quickly design the "contractor to confirm" one liners, weather this is a single A4 hand sketch or a set of 3D drawings, we can do it all. This ensure when you comparing tenders its apples for apples. We can also provide advice on the constructability and availability of the equipment and materials which have been referenced in the design documentation.


We have had to go back to that job way to many times now

Commissioning is one of the most overlooked aspects of a project. As a contractor this is the chance to demonstrate the great project you have delivered, check the Quality Assurance of your sub-contractors and take an accurate benchmark of how the system was handed over to get you through the defects period and accurately record if there has been any alterations done which has lead to a defect. As the contractor at the closing stage of the project the budgets are more strained than ever leading to reduced number on site leaving employees that simply don't have the time or the technical expertise to see this through.